Lastest Academic Job Interview News

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Job fair
academic job interview
Image by EURES, the European Employment Service
Job fair
Stand of Disneyland Paris
Interview with Amanda Findikian, Academic adviser

European Online Job Day 2011 #EOJD
Manchester – UK – 9 November 2011
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Skiing: Sheboygan native etched his legacy in the Rockies
“I've skied with lots of celebrities,” Testwuide said in a phone interview from Colorado on Friday night, listing off the high-profile skiers with whom he claims to have rubbed shoulders over the years: There was the king and queen of Jordan; longtime …
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CNN chief's exit interview: No regrets
You made my job exciting, rewarding and possible." Walton announced his planned departure in July, saying at the time that "CNN needs new thinking." Former NBC chief Jeff Zucker will take his place. In saying farewell, Walton leaves the company where …
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Florida jobless figures take dip
Since then, Enstad said he has submitted about 20 job applications. “I don't give up. I'll find something,” Enstad said, noting he has an interview scheduled for after the holidays. Adrianne Carr, owner of Victory Income Tax in Fort Myers, said she …
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Lastest Academic Job Interview News

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Work fair
academic job interview
Image by EURES, the European Employment Service
Task fair
Stand of Disneyland Paris
Interview with Amanda Findikian, Academic adviser

European Online Job Day 2011 #EOJD
Manchester – Uk – 9 November 2011
© European Union


Lastest Academic Job Interview News

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Media Advisory: Presidential debates offer body language tips for job interviews
Considering President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney are seeking the nation's top job, watching tonight's Presidential debate could be just the prep needed to ace your next job interview. Sound like a bunch of malarkey? Not so fast.
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ISSCC 2013 at 60 will combine the old with the new
They have assembled a panel of industry and academic circuit designers to challenge, and entertain, the audience and each other with questions that often arise during job interviews. The audience will be able to judge which interview questions are fair …
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Lastest Academic Job Interview News

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To Nail That Overseas Job Interview, Do Your Research First
Qantas' first-class lounge in Sydney. It has a silver-service restaurant that's both world-class and free. Even if they charged me, I'd happily pay. What's your tip for someone who has to travel to another country for a job interview? From a company's …
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How to handle tough interview questions
(ARA) – When searching for employment in today's highly competitive job market, the process often seems like one hurdle after another. Once you have prepared a letter-perfect resume, you face the hurdle of landing an interview. After securing the …
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Windsor teen takes gold at national interview competition
A teenage Windsor resident took the gold for the “Job Interview Students Taking Action with Recognition” event for Family Career and Community Leaders of America at the nationwide competition July 8-12 in Florida. Trevor Miller, 18, who will be a …
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A adjust in occupation (and shirt)

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A modify in task (and shirt)
Possibly a haircut, some laced footwear, and without having the beer, is a greater choice for a job interview. THERE is a time and location for a flanny (coupled with some entire body odour), but it&#39s definitely not the interview area. Every day employers are astonished by …
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Report: Charlotte Bobcats to interview Brian Shaw, Quin Snyder for head coach
Shaw was an assistant with Phil Jackson&#39s Lakers for seven seasons and is extensively deemed a preferred to land a head-coaching task sometime quickly. Shaw was a candidate for the Lakers work immediately after Jackson departed last season, but Los Angeles ultimately …
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How economists have misunderstood inequality: An interview with James Galbraith

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How economists have misunderstood inequality: An interview with James Galbraith
Ahead of 1980, few academics in the United States gave much believed to the thought of economic inequality. It just wasn’t a glaring concern. But in the final 30 years, the incomes of the nation’s wealthiest one percent have surged, and a lot more and more economists …
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What Do Interviewers Discover Initial About You?
By Jada A. Graves Whoever originally mentioned You only get one possibility to make a very first impression&quot was either coming from a work interview or a blind date. The two situations do have certain commonalities. Each can be nerve-wracking social circumstances in …
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Sensible presents can aid out graduate
Their task hunt will also incur some expenditures, such as résumé paper, mailing costs, interview attire and gas for traveling to and from interviews. Present CARDS: If you choose to direct your new graduate’s investing, think about gift cards to restaurants, …
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11 Techniques Employing Managers Aren’t Telling You

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eleven Secrets Employing Managers Aren&#39t Telling You
The first is: What you don&#39t know can harm your probabilities of landing a work and commanding a larger salary. Second: Nowadays, April 17th, is Equal Pay out Day. But armed with this insider understanding — straight from the mouths of those who retain the services of you — you can …
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San Jose State athletics: Bowen&#39s departure and the aftermath
Allow&#39s get began: *** Bowen ran the division for seven many years and, in my viewpoint, did a first-class work. Unless you have seen the economic books and the Academic Progress Rate numbers from early in his tenure — and I have — it&#39s tough to …
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Di Matteo interviewed for Chelsea work following major Blues to FA Cup last
By Sportsmail Reporter Roberto Di Matteo has already been interviewed for the complete-time Chelsea manager&#39s task as the club search to explore all their alternatives for a long term successor to Andre Villas-Boas. According to The Everyday Express Di Matteo has …
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Who’s Responsible For Informing Grad Students About Their Career Prospects?

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If you’re planning on staying in academia, a sometimes-reliable source of good information is the Deans’ Weblog. If you’re planning on leaving, there is an occasional post there that might pertain to you. I’ve learned a lot from this blog, including how compassionate deans can be towards the plight of graduate students. But I was kind of agitated when I came across this post:

In bureaucratic and academic circles, HQP is the acronym for Highly Qualified People (or Personnel if you like). According to Statistics Canada, the definition of an HQP is a person with at least a bachelor’s degree from a university…

The employment record for PhD graduates is also mixed. Fewer than 50% of them will go on to academic jobs of any kind, never mind tenure track positions in research intensive universities, the position for which they are Highly Qualified… In summary, we are training people for careers that don’t have have anywhere near enough capacity to absorb the graduates at the same time as we are unable to attract and retain students for careers that are crying out for people.

As a society, it does not seem like we are doing a very good job of allocating our scarce development resources in a way that is going to get the right mix of HQP. I don’t know what the answer to this might be. But it is clear that we share responsibility with the students themselves. Somewhere, somehow, we have got to do a better job of teaching them how to do their own “due diligence” prior to starting down a path that is going to end with huge debt and poor prospects in their career of choice.

Well, yes and no. Faculty and administrators do need to do a better job of making it clear to prospective and current doctoral students what their job prospects in academia really are. And sure, it is up to students to make sure they have investigated their career options at some point on the way to getting a Ph.D.

But I kind of bristle at the idea that faculty have to teach students how to do that “due diligence,”as though the current problem was that students don’t know how to investigate their career options. To put it like that entirely misses the point by misplacing the burden onto students. The problem is not with the students–it’s with programs (faculty, administrators, institutional inertia) that do nothing but groom students for lives in academia, completely complicit in the fabrication that if you just work hard enough, you will get a tenure-track position.

The fact is, most faculty a) don’t, b) won’t and c) can’t teach students how to do their “due dilligence” regarding the students careers because they haven’t a clue themselves how transportable academic skills are to other industries. Many faculty are also heavily invested in building up their own field of work by grooming their proteges; it would not at all be worth their while to emphasize the difficulties of the academic job market with their students.


Media Research Conference

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media research conference
by Marc_Smith under CC BY


Media Research Conference

A Media Research Conference can be beneficial for some of the following reasons.

  • Join your industry peers and learn from them
  • Understand how the media business is facing and understand the change in content consumption
  • Hear how these changes are affecting media and research agencies
  • Learn about new ways to engage modern audiences
  • Optimize content and commercial opportunities in a cross-platform world

Media Research Conference – FIVE Reasons

  1. At a Media Research Conference, learn from the advertisers how their needs are changing in the digital age and why media research is so important
  2. See how mobile consumption is growing in the US and what this means for the future
  3. Learn new methods and research approaches from the top media industry practitioners
  4. Involve yourself in our interactive panel discussion, drawn from advertising, media and research companies
  5. Actively discuss your current methods and learn other types of integration techniques.

Other reasons to attend a Media Research Conference

At Media Research Conference you will sometimes look at the role of research in measuring, commercializing and maximizing content across various media  platforms. At a Media Research Conference you will examine media research from many different angles to create a comprehensive picture of what research has achieved, what it is achieving now and how it must evolve to meet the demands of the digital future. Representatives of media owners, agencies and systems owners will tackle the issues currently affecting all aspects of media research, including TV, radio, press, internet and other media.


In Media Res Conference

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In Media Res Conference

“In Media Res” is a series of programs and events, including an academic symposium. Attending an In Media Res Conference is a crucial part of academic life. Attending conferences is how one forges connections with other scholars, meets new people when they show up in the audience for one’s presentations, puts off doing “tangible” work like writing and grading in a legitimate manner (you are, after all, “working” — even if the labor involves the maintenance of social ties that are often mediated by food and alcohol), and establishes a professional reputation as a willing interlocutor and/or nice person to hang out with. While an In Media Res Conference is no party, it is a great place to learn more about your peers. [These last two can be critical at the moment of a job search, since getting an academic job is also a matter of joining a community of discourse — and one usually does not want to hire assholes with whom one will then have to out up on a daily basis for years to come.]

In Media Res Conference – An Example

An In Media Res Conference example is when I went to the Midwest Political Science Association conference, which was an incursion into a foreign country for me. MPSA is quantoid heaven, with the overwhelming majority of the panels consisting of papers in which someone presents the results of their having run complex statistical tests on a variety of data-sets. Keep in mind that not all In Media Res Conference events are setup the same. In other words, not the kind of work that I do at all, and not the kind of work that I find particularly interesting or insightful. I was on a panel called “questioning the validity of the natural science model” in which a number of us showed up to critique the whole enterprise that many of the rest of the conference participants were engaged in; they responded by largely not showing up, and we had a small roomful of choir-members to which to preach (together with one gentleman who seemed overly concerned with the employ-ability of students trained in political philosophy and the philosophy of social science — someone with the wrong view of what a college education is all about, I fear). But it was probably important to show the flag, as it were, regardless of its immediate practical effects.

What this In Media Res Conference cost me:

  • airfare, Southwest Airlines, BWI-Chicago and back again: $191.70
  • hotel, one evening at Hotel Allegro (featuring free in-room wireless ‘Net access!), courtesy priceline.com (thanks, Ido): $80
  • train fare to/from Chicago Midway Airport: $3.50
  • breakfast @ hotel: $15.42
  • beers after panel: $16
  • dinner with Elven Archer #37, which I paid for because he’s still a grad student and I at least draw a salary: $53.62
  • hot dog and fries in airport: $7.56
  • parking at BWI, because I was late getting to the airport on Saturday morning and had to park in the Hourly lot: $60 (!)Total financial cost: $427.80
    (I should be able to get most of this covered, although it will use up the rest of my university resources for the year)Other costs include taking time to write a paper during much of the month of April, and thus putting myself in a large grading hole that I now desperately need to claw my way out of. Plus the mental anguish of trying to get some inchoate thoughts about methodology down on paper, a process which has only increased my awareness of how poorly trained people in our field are for dealing with basic philosophical issues. And the lack of sleep associated with the writing process.  Going to an In Media Res Conference is a lot of work and can be very tiring.

    Benefits of the In Media Res Conference:

  • dinner with Elven Archer #37
  • good discussion with panelists and two members of audience after panel over beer
  • forcing myself to get some inchoate thoughts about methodology down on paper, and maybe making them less inchoate
  • enhanced realization that I am really not an “interpretivist” or entirely on board with “science studies” as a research practice (more on that in a future entry, I think)Was it worth it? Beats me.Typing this with my computer at an angle while crammed into a Southwest Airlines seat is not fun, so I’ll stop there for now.