Media Research Conference

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media research conference
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Media Research Conference

A Media Research Conference can be beneficial for some of the following reasons.

  • Join your industry peers and learn from them
  • Understand how the media business is facing and understand the change in content consumption
  • Hear how these changes are affecting media and research agencies
  • Learn about new ways to engage modern audiences
  • Optimize content and commercial opportunities in a cross-platform world

Media Research Conference – FIVE Reasons

  1. At a Media Research Conference, learn from the advertisers how their needs are changing in the digital age and why media research is so important
  2. See how mobile consumption is growing in the US and what this means for the future
  3. Learn new methods and research approaches from the top media industry practitioners
  4. Involve yourself in our interactive panel discussion, drawn from advertising, media and research companies
  5. Actively discuss your current methods and learn other types of integration techniques.

Other reasons to attend a Media Research Conference

At Media Research Conference you will sometimes look at the role of research in measuring, commercializing and maximizing content across various media  platforms. At a Media Research Conference you will examine media research from many different angles to create a comprehensive picture of what research has achieved, what it is achieving now and how it must evolve to meet the demands of the digital future. Representatives of media owners, agencies and systems owners will tackle the issues currently affecting all aspects of media research, including TV, radio, press, internet and other media.

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