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Postdocs speak up
The “most compelling” tips to come out of the symposium, Polka says, include “putting pressure on the universities to incorporate much more nontraditional Ph.D. training” to prepare students for nonacademic careers, “putting pressure on universities to …
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Cal Ph.D. students assist themselves look for non-academic jobs
So now Ph.D. students at Cal have organized their own job fair, a conference taking place these days where they can support each and every other locate careers outdoors the ivory tower. What pressures must drive them to such desperation? In the mid-1990s, I had a teacher at …
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Larger Ed by the Numbers

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Highlights from the 2013 Digest of Education Statistics.

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Lastest Why Phd News

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Gallery curator Natasha Ritsma leaves to pursue PhD
“When a single pursues a PhD, there is a set limit to the amount of time you have between taking your qualifying exams and filing your dissertation,” Gund Gallery Director Natalie Marsh wrote in an e-mail to the Collegian. “Natasha feels it is imperative …
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UC PhD student wins first prize at PHM 2014 Data Challenge
Seyed Mohammad Rezvanizaniani, a UC College of Engineering and Applied Science mechanical engineering PhD student, is the first spot prizewinner of the data challenge that was featured at the 2014 Annual Conference of the Prognostics and Well being&nbsp…
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Look back in joy: the power of nostalgia

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Look back in joy: the power of nostalgia
A fellow PhD student of mine went to relieve himself behind a bush. My supervisor shouted: &#39Don&#39t do that– go and pee in the … And also to look at the importance of other possibilities for nostalgia. Our brief-term goal is to try to convince the …
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I Lent My Vagina to Science
After the erotic video clip concludes, by means of my headphones I hear the voice of Erick Janssen, PhD, a wisecracking, bespectacled Dutch researcher whose notable work in the field of arousal has earned him the moniker Dr. Really feel Great. Janssen … What led …
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Rainbow List 2014, 1 to 101
Dr Stone became famous when she was gored by a stag, and the media focused not on her PhD or her TED talk, but on her status as a trans lady. Working with All About ….. Sophie Ward. Actress. The actress, known for her roles in Young Sherlock Holmes …
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Education Overall performance Standards Vary Widely Amongst States, In Some Cases

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Education Performance Standards Vary Widely Amongst States, In Some Circumstances
“It could appear very good for federal reporting purposes, but it denies students the very best opportunity to learn college-ready and profession-prepared expertise.” Phillips utilized international benchmarks to grade states by statistically linking state tests to the state …
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A leading Scottish businessman has launched a vocational…
Jim McColl launches new college for non-academic pupils.A major Scottish businessman has launched a vocational school aimed at providing profession possibilities to young men and women who are not academic. A top Scottish businessman has launched a&nbsp…
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TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — A new Kansas school efficiency commission…
Members of the K-12 Student Overall performance and Efficiency Commission said combining resources could potentially save cash in non-academic locations such as purchasing. Commissioners decided that a proposal offering districts incentives to combine or …
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&#39I was practically crushed at PHD service&#39

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&#39I was nearly crushed at PHD service&#39
I experienced a nasty encounter at PHD Ministries on New Year&#39s Eve where a candlelight service was held at the main church along Beatrice Road, opposite Zindoga Buying Complicated. It was a nightmare acquiring into the venue as it was packed to capacity,&nbsp…
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The Future of Marriage
The definition of marriage has changed significantly more than the previous ten years. In the way we consider of and define &quotmarriage,&quot there has never ever been a much more intrinsic and foundational adjust taking place than correct now. Our structural definition of the legal …
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Lastest Nonacademic Careers News

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Unsolicited Guidance: Non-Academic Careers
Because I know nothing at all quite beneficial about the job market place outdoors academia, I solicited recommendations for specific pointers and helpful sites. A bushel of helpful advice and believed-provoking comments resulted. My original concept was to summarize what I …
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What Doors Does a Ph.D. in History Open?
The problem we faced—how to leverage a humanities Ph.D. into a meaningful nonacademic career—is a fate shared by thousands of Ph.D.&#39s. For years, universities have been creating Ph.D.&#39s far in excess of tenure-track openings. As undergraduate&nbsp…
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The alternative career is no longer alternative
The rising interest in alternative careers could also, paradoxically, support students stay in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. A new American Institutes for Study report, The Nonacademic Careers of STEM PhD Holders,&nbsp…
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Don&#39t Drink the Kool-Aid
In December, Inside Larger Ed graciously brought me down to the Modern day Language Association conference in Philadelphia to meet with grad students about non-academic careers. On the flight from Toronto, I busied myself with reading a book called&nbsp…
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Lastest Should I Get A Phd News

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The importance of carrying out the correct point
Talk to any individual on the street and you are likely to get agreement that corruption, at all levels, is ruining our nation&#39s fabric. Dig deeper and you will locate the identical person may possibly have paid a bribe to a government official not extended ago for a …
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Opinion selfie: Why we can be complete of ourselves
“Should our web site have a blog?” remains to be an unresolved question in our workplace. The answer, at least to me, seemed straightforward. For scholars functioning in a analysis center specializing on the theory and practice of democratic governance, it …
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5 Keys to the Male Psyche
How many times have you felt upset by some thing your male partner mentioned or didn&#39t say, did or didn&#39t do and then identified yourself concluding that whatever the problem it final results from his really maleness, from the sheer reality that he is a man, that he just …
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Lastest Economist News

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Economist says Jindal &#39misinterprets&#39 jobs data
The economist&#39s analysis, posted online this week, could damage the rosy employment image Jindal has emphasized in appearances across the nation as he builds a probably 2016 presidential campaign. It also coincides with lawmakers&#39 inquiries about why&nbsp…
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Everyday chart
THE World Bank released its annual &quotDoing Company&quot report on October 29th, ranking the world&#39s 189 countries by how eye-catching they are to companies. That tiny Singapore led the list once again this year and Eritrea was stuck in final spot was not …
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Extremist ideology
A YEAR soon after his extradition from Britain, Omar Mahmoud Othman, far better known as Abu Qatada, a burly preacher accused of becoming al-Qaeda&#39s man in Europe, relaxes in his plush sitting-area adorned with white lilies in the Jordanian capital, Amman.
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Totally free Tuition in Chile

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Last fall, Michelle Bachelet was once more elected as President of Chile and 1 of her numerous campaign promises was to make higher education totally cost-free.

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