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Sustainability Value: What Have You Done for It Lately?

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This week our team encountered a sustainability win for a major consumer brand, and an ironic fail for a respected higher education icon. The resulting inspiration is too good not to share.

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Higher Education’s Holistic Value: The Triple Helix

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Triple helix systems are exemplified by global education hubs. Education hubs are collaborations between local and international higher education providers working in partnership to make their region more attractive and economically powerful for investment, student recruitment, and training.

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Comprehending Children&#39s Emotions: The Value of Pride and Shame

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Understanding Children's Emotions: The Importance of Pride and Shame
Discussions of children's motivations and behavior too often overlook the importance of feelings of pride and shame. A child's need to feel proud — and to avoid feelings of shame — is a fundamental motivation, and remains fundamental, throughout her …
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Privilege or Patsy?
By Loretta Redd, PhD on August 27, 2013 in Loretta Redd. Weekly Column by Loretta Redd. Jerry-Brown-AP Waiting for Governor Jerry Brown's … Especially as I witness countless numbers of my “peers,” for whom jury duty should be a privilege, use every …
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Accounting for everyone
“If you're going to do marketing, you'll need to understand the prices of goods, to see which you should market more or market less — you're using accounting. When you're in finance and you talk to investors about raising capital and investing …
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