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Higher Ed and the Shifting Life Course

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Rethinking higher education in light of the changing contours of young adulthood

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For seniors, sexual activity is linked to higher quality of life

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For seniors, sexual activity is linked to greater good quality of life
Older adults mentioned &quotthey miss and want to engage in sexual behaviors, whether or not that be a kiss to intercourse,&quot stated study coauthor Taylor-Jane Flynn in an e-mail. &quotFor many, these behaviors remained an crucial element in their life.&quot Flynn, a psychology …
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Prospective New Anti-Fibrotic Therapy Targets Embryonic Process in Kidneys
Raghu Kalluri, M.D., Ph.D., chairman of Cancer Biology and study lead author commented, “Our work shows that broken kidney cells respond by undergoing EMT to protect themselves from additional harm but in the process, develop lengthy-term damage due to …
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Life story

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Life story
ON A single wall of The Economist&#39s science workplace is a picture taken by Hubble, an American space telescope. It is called the Intense Deep Field. Seeking at it is a very good way to get a visceral appreciation of the sheer scale of the universe. The image shows …
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Dollar has peaked, right here comes China: Economist
The dollar&#39s appreciation has &quotpeaked,&quot the U.S. economy is &quotdoing nothing&quot and China will soon be vying with the country on the international stage, an economist has told CNBC. &quotWe&#39re having a excellent storm for the dollar,&quot Steen Jakobsen, the chief …
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