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Lastest Nonacademic Careers Information

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Take This Advice and …
If I had heeded this explicit and implicit advice to consider non-faculty careers or to look outside of the academy earlier, I would have turned my sights towards alternative-academic jobs sooner. I was able to cobble together some non-academic …
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Oil tycoon Ian Wood calls for change in schools
The Conmission is also set to call for better careers advice in schools and Sir Ian said businesses have an “immense role” to play in ensuring that youngsters understand the workplace. He added: “This will be best done with long term partnerships from …
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Essay on humanities Ph.D. students with and without outside financial support
He's been able to renew his position – but he also hasn't published, and was passed over for a tenure-track job where he teaches because his teaching load made it impossible to write articles. Another, a married person who leans on her non-academic …
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Hobby Shop Marks 75 Years
At its 1938 founding, the Hobby Shop was a student club strictly for nonacademic projects. "The founders chose the name because they believed that a … That freedom has spawned brilliant careers. Chuck Jordan '49 made a car model that won a 1947 …
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