Your Leaving Academia Questions About Why Phd In Computer Science

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Laura asks…

Which is a better background for neuroscience? Math or Computer science?

I am an undergraduate student, majoring in behavioural neuroscience.
When I finish my BSc. I am planning to do an MD/PhD and get into neuroscience research.

Right now, I am also interested in doing a minor either in math OR computer science.
So which one would be better to combine with neuroscience? Math or Computer science and why?

Thanks in advance.


Blogger answers:

Why not do both? I have a computer science degree with minors in math and philosophy, and in my opinion both minors contributed significantly to my understanding of computer science.

In your case, it seems to me that a math minor would be useful primarily for the statistical aspects, as a significant part of the work in any behavioral science (and any other science for that matter) is the analysis and correlation of data. However, computer science expertise would give you a better understanding of how to model accurate simulations and what-if scenarios for the purpose of forming hypotheses that you could then verify or refute by experiment.

If you only have time in your schedule to get one or the other, I’m not sure which I would choose if I were you. If you already have a thorough understanding of statistics, then probably computer science.


Maria asks…

Why do I see inventors with a phd or masters degree progressing in other fields other than their own?

Why do I see people that have a degree in a specific field such as computer science developing cars, radios and other stuff complete outside their field of endeavour. I know that some stuff intracorrelates with each other, but some inventions and ideas are just remarkable for those individuals.


Blogger answers:

Let us remember the origin of the Ph.D. It was created in the German university system in the 19th century from a realization that scientific knowledge was progressing very quickly. So quickly that just teaching students what was known was inadequate as that knowledge would be obsolete by the time it was learned. So instead, students would be taught an exact methodology of discovery, how to do research, how to find out new things. That is never obsolete. Thus, people trained that way are good at making discoveries.

That help?


Jenny asks…

Which of these PhD’s offers the most job opportunity and why?

Ph.D in Engineering, Computer Science, Software, Mathematics, Physics or relevant technical field.

I placed relevant technical field if you want to suggest some other path.

My bachelor is computer science, but I am considering physics and working with energy.


Blogger answers:

Of those, physics or math – useful in industry and government. Engineering and computer science bachelors degrees pay more than a PhD in most fields, including most jobs in physics and math, but not a lot more with a PhD. PhDs in those fields are pretty useless unless you want to teach college, and that pays less than government or industry.


William asks…

Why don’t people buy Macs?

I’ve never understood why people insist on buying PCs. I’ve been using those for many years and I’ve just got my first Mac a year ago and have had no problems. No setup problems, no freezing, it was so easy. I can understand why some people like Windows because they might be computer nerds and like tinkering with all that stuff but most people don’t. They want to sit down and start doing stuff without having a PHD in computer science. That is what I get with my Mac. An easy to use computer that gives me no headaches.


Blogger answers:

I don’t know about the stores in your area, but in mine Mac’s are pricy as compared to a PC.

I wanted Macs for my business, but I couldn’t jusify the extra cost. If they would drop their price just a wee bit they’d get more business, at least from customers with requirements like mine.


Mary asks…

Why does Obama waste taxpayer money with phony investigations of Toyota electronics?

So Obama government did a multi-mullion dollar investigation of Toyota electronics for over 10 months. Lot of engineers, NASA workers, mathematicians, computer science phd‘s, systems engineers etc etc were used for the investigation. These group of engineers and scientists then charged the rate of $60 an hour for 40 hours a week, for 10 straight months only to conclude NOTHING is wrong in Toyota electronics. Instead of fixing Toyota, doesn’t Obama have other things to do? Toyota is private sector anyway. Why should government sector interfere in private sector?
toyota engineers and scientists are more sophisticated, advanced and expert than government engineers. Its like high school kid investigating a math major in university.


Blogger answers:

Because the government owns GM and is trying to knock off the competition.

Why did LBJ, Nixon, Carter, Reagan and Clinton give no bid contract to Haliburton?

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