Your Leaving Academia Questions About Should I Get A Phd In Psychology

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James asks…

Is it worth getting a PhD in School Psychology or should I just get my Master’s in School Psychology?

I know I want to be a school psychologist. But whether or not I should get my Master’s or a PhD remains to be seen. Are there any big differences in the two degrees regarding the profession?


Blogger answers:

A PhD is a research degree; the only reason you’d get that is if you want to do research and publish papers about school psychology or if you want to teach it at the university level. If you just want to work as a school psychologist, stick with a masters degree.


Susan asks…

If I want to practice psychology, should I get my PsyD or PhD?

I‘m pretty sure there is a thread for this but can’t seem to find one! Anyways, I want to be able to practice psychology, possibly clinical. Research is something that does not appeal to me and I would like to be able to gain practical experience that I can use when working. I have heard that PsyDs are less funded than PhDs. Does anyone have experience in these fields that can give me a thorough answer?


Blogger answers:

I am graduating with my BS in psychology this spring and will be attending a clinical psychology Psy.D program in the fall. I, too, am not too crazy about research and definitely prefer the clinical aspect of psychology more so. Psy.D programs are newer than Ph.D’s and do have less funding, which is unfortunate. However, I do not see anything wrong with going for a Psy.D over a Ph.D. There are a number of prestigious well-recognized Psy.D programs out there. While Psy.D programs do involve research they have a much larger focus on the clinical aspect than Ph.D programs do. I think you should definitely go for your Psy.D if you truly want to focus more heavily on clinical practice than research.


Mary asks…

what area of psychology should i study in college?

okay, so i am a recent high school graduate and i plan to get my PhD in psychology and become a family/children/marriage councelor/therapist.
but i am unsure what field of psychology i need to major and study in.

please help.


Blogger answers:

Major in psychology. Also think about volunteering at a crisis hotline or someplace that will give you experience counseling. Most programs look for a person to have about 1 year of experience in human services (work or volunteer.)


Mark asks…

Okay, I am a college student and I am pursuing a degree in psychology. What should I major and minor in?

I want to work primarily with teens because I feel they are a group that really needs help. I just want to help young people be the best they can be. I also would like to have kmy own practice eventually. Can anybody help me figure out exactly what I should major or minor in or if I should get a PhD or double major and what not. Thank you!… O ya i would also like to work with young athletes seeing as that I have always been involved in athletics


Blogger answers:

You must major in psychology to go on to grad school in psychology. You’d need a masters (6 years total) to be a counselor and a PhD or PsyD (8-12 years) to be a psychologist.


Donna asks…

What field of psychology should I get a degree in?

I am currently getting a BS in special education and am looking at grad schools. I plan on getting a masters in ABA, because I mainly want to work with autism. I want to get a PhD, but I‘m not sure which branch of psychology I should get the degree in. I would like to be a therapist, counselor, or consultant working with autistic people, but I‘m not sure which branch of the field I should focus on.


Blogger answers:

Clinical psychology. That’s the field that encompasses Autism. Also if you want to work primarily in schools, school psychology or combined school-child clinical degrees are options too.

Also, the PhD is primarily a research degree. So the programs will be more research orienated and unless you have substantial research experience, the decent ones will be nearly impossible for you to get to. You probably want a PsyD, which is a Doctor of Psychology degree. That’s almost entirely clinically oriented.

Social work also encompasses those careers as well. There are social work programs that lead to a Doctor of Social Work degree.

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