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Carol asks…

If a formal interview for an academic job includes a formal dinner, how should one dress for it?

If a lady dresses a suite for the interview, should she change some casual outfit for the dinner?


Blogger answers:

Definitely not. It is part of the interview. If they don’t take you directly to dinner from the interview, you could change, but not into something more casual. You could give up the suit and wear a businesslike dress with jacket, if you wanted to. Actually, I just noticed that you said there was a “formal” dinner. If you mean dinner with faculty or administrators, then what I said above would be appropriate, but if by “formal” dinner you mean there is a formal event, then if anything, you would need to dress up for it, not down. Why would anyone think of wearing a casual outfit to a formal dinner?


Ken asks…

Proper attire for interview -academic job

I want to know whether it is appropriate to wear blue jacket and grey trouser/pant for a job interview.I am comparing this with a suit in which color of a jacket and trouser is same.


Blogger answers:

1 “step better” than what you would wear if you worked there. You do not want to be under dressed or overdressed. If they were shorts and t-shirts, you wear long pants and a polo shirt. If they where dockers, you were dress pants, if they were dress pants, you were a suit, …

You do not want to look out of place since the interviewer is trying to figure out if you will fit in at the company or not.


Sandra asks…

Why is academic performance given lot of weight-age during a job interview?

If a person is street smart has, other qualities still good performance in academics is very important for the company . why?


Blogger answers:

1) A good academic record generally usually (but not always) indicates a level of dedication and comittement to work you have undertaken.
2) Someone with a proven academic record is usually more receptive to training.
3) They will probably have good key skills (written english, basic maths, IT, fact finding etc) if they have managed to get good grades.

BUT they do not show some of the soft skills which can be as or more important i.e. Interpersonal skills, self-confidence, time management, common sense ect. If your academic profile is not spectacular these are the kind of things you should focus on.


Sandy asks…

Job interview for receptionist tomorrow – should I take my academic certificates with me?

I have been told nothing by the interviewers!


Blogger answers:

Yes.If you go empty handed,the interviewer is likely to think that you are either not well prepared or uninterested.You should have a current resume,original & photocopy certificates with you.Though most interviewers will have received an email copy of your resume beforehand & printed it from Human Resources.Do not wait for the interviewer to ask for these.Offer them.Be prepared for anything.Carry your documents in a professional file or briefcase.Good luck!


Lisa asks…

For a tutoring job interview, I must give a five minute lesson on how to do something NON-academic! What?

I need ideas. It can’t be cooking, gambling, dance steps, drinking games. They are looking for fun, enthusiasm, involving the audience, using props, etc. This will be used to evaluate teaching style. I just don’t want to do what five other people in the group interview will be doing!


Blogger answers:

How to tie shoelaces… *lol*

seriously, it doesn’t matter what your topic is, all they want to see is how you could show them your knowledge and skills about dividing lessons into tasks that your students could follow–i.e. Teaching skills.

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