The unmentionables

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The unmentionables
A SENSE has emerged in the American media during President Obama's visit to Mexico on May 2nd and 3rd that he and his Mexican counterpart, Enrique Peña Nieto, are skirting the most controversial (read important) issue in the relationship: drugs and …
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The country has a promising new government—with a few exceptions
The finance minister, Henry Rotich, who has a decent reputation as an economist, has been promoted at high speed from the number three job at the treasury. He may find it hard to present a credible budget in short order. And some of those poached from …
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Surprise appointment
PUNTERS betting on accepted wisdom took a bath on May 2nd when Canada's Conservative government named Stephen Poloz as the successor to Mark Carney as governor of the central bank. That accepted wisdom had long ago handed the job to Tiff …
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