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Culture wars
ACCORDING to KPMG, an accountancy firm, Britain&#39s banks handed over a whopping £38.7 billion ($ 56 billion) in fines and consumer remediation amongst 2011 and 2014. This represented over 60% of their income for the duration of the period. The scale of these&nbsp…
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Xi&#39s new model army
CHINA&#39S largest military shake-up in a generation started with a deliberate echo of Mao Zedong. Late in 2014 President Xi Jinping went to Gutian, a modest town in the south exactly where, 85 years ahead of, Mao had 1st laid down the doctrine that the Individuals&#39s&nbsp…
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Shrinking the haystack
WHEN choosing a base for preparing attacks, jihadists ought to pick flats that are on the ground floor, hard to peer into, not near government buildings and unsecluded in a newly constructed neighbourhood. So advises “Declaration of Jihad Against the …
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