Ever grislier

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Ever grislier
LIKE other Europeans, the French have grown grimly accustomed to news of decapitations by Islamic State in far-flung places. But nothing ready them for the gruesome scene that played out on their personal soil on June 26th. At a chemical compounds factory in&nbsp…
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Wishful pondering
WALL STREET has been in buoyant mood in current years. The S&ampP 500 equity index has reached repeated record highs. One may possibly believe that would be fantastic news for America&#39s public-sector pension plans, which hold a lot more than half their assets in equities.
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Final certainty
The idea that physicians should be permitted to prescribe lethal medication for some sufferers who are close to death or suffering tremendously is gathering assistance across the West. The Economist commissioned Ipsos MORI to poll people in 15 nations on whether …
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