Charter schools

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RSA debate The Economist
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RSA Economist Debate – Golden Age of the Internet later this week. This event is full, but you can listen to the podcast of the event page. www.rsa.org.uk/events/detail.asp?eventID=1791Les Suw Charman panelists, Danny Meadows-Klue, John Naughton, Karen Thomson, and Tom Standage.

Charter schools
OF 658 Chicago schools, charter schools are only 126 publicly funded but independently run and largely without union rules. Fifteen others are due to open this year. More significant, however, is that four of the most recently approved charters are …
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The situation is still out of control, Christian militia (photo) hunting …
Stubborn religious violence in the Central African Republic (CAR) binds Muslims out of the country en masse. Aid agencies are now warning that the exodus of Muslim traders and livestock could lead to catastrophic famine and economic …
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ESRI John Fitzgerald: “I’m an economist I do not do sex …”
“I’m an economist, I do not do sex and violence,” said “The Pat Kenny Show this morning, when the broadcaster asked how young people’s lives could be married to live at home in their 30s. Mr. Fitzgerald, chief economist at the Economic and …
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