New deans lobbying chops could come in useful at Brooklyn Law

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New dean's lobbying chops could come in handy at Brooklyn Law
Allard mentioned in an interview that he was attracted to the job in part since of the school's curriculum, which emphasizes experiential studying and hand-on coaching. The college has struck the suitable balance among legal scholarship and professional …
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In Individual: Profession GPS
At one point, I seriously regarded as leaving academia and even went so far as to apply and interview for a non-academic task. The group forced me to question why I was thinking about leaving academia in the very first position. In the finish, I gave academia a single …
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Employers view a degree as granted when recruiting but appear for considerably much more
Employers now spot private attributes over the relevance of a degree among potential work candidates, a study of 2000 recruiters has shown. Aldi, which plans to recruit one hundred graduates throughout this year, carried out the study and found company …
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